Whether your business is an early-stage startup or an established company, accessing the financing you need to fuel expansion or provide working capital is essential to success. But in order to get that financing, you need to understand how your business credit profile works.

How strong is your business credit profile? Did you even know that your business has a credit profile?

If you didn’t—or if you don’t understand how your business credit profile works—you’re not alone.

In this eGuide, we’ll explain:

·       How your business credit profile and personal credit score affect your ability to get financing for your small business

·       The three questions most lenders will ask about you and your business

·       The two factors that have the biggest influence on your business credit profile, and

·       The five things you can start doing today to build a strong business credit profile.

You might be surprised at how simple some of these tactics are and how quickly you can build a business credit profile that will help you borrow the money you need.

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Your Guide to Understanding Business Credit