Cori Carrizales has been with Wage and Hour since April 1997. He worked as an investigator for 19 years before transferring to the role of Community Outreach Specialist for the last 5 years. As an investigator, Mr. Carrizales was responsible for making sure businesses were complying with all applicable federal labor laws. These laws included Minimum wage, Overtime, Recordkeeping, Child labor, the Family Medical Leave Act, Government Contracts and so many more.

Now, as the Community Outreach and Planning Specialist, he provides training and assistance to businesses seeking Wage and Hour training. He has conducted over one-hundred training seminars to special interest groups, nonprofits, various associations, state and other municipality groups. Training seminars are available to employers at no cost and can be scheduled by calling Mr. Carrizales at the number listed herein.


Cori Carrizales - DOL